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Talk Talk 4

A less than enthusiastic response. TCC's dialogue, however, was hilarious. So, here's a photo that he may be familiar with. Two adults and a kid are standing under this bus shelter. The woman has a plastic bag in her hand which she seems to be pointing to while talking to the man. What are they discussing?

Talk Talk 3

A change from the usual. Two people are standing below this board. You see that they are deep in conversation. What are they saying? Please keep your dialogues short and post them in the comment box. Thank you.

Talk Talk 2

Great responses. Ahiri's and Itchingtowrite's (second) comments stood out for me. Here's the next lot of dialogue. Who's saying this to whom and where? If you have to write a story explaining the context, then please do so. Include the lines if you need to.

"Aghanistan is twice the size of Iraq and has half the people"
"15 years and look what I get!"

Look forward to your responses. Please keep them short and post them in the comment box. Thank you.

Talk Talk

Time for a new series. Here's how it works. I give you some dialogue and you need to tell me who is talking and what the conversation is about. If you need to weave that into your story, then [;ease do so. As ever, post your stories in the comment box and please try to keep them short. Let's see how this goes.

"Which would you prefer? A six or a nine?"
"Which would you reccomend?"
"A nine."
"I was thinking of a six."
"I insist on a nine."
"How about a compromise?"
"No. Nine!"